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Free Website Templates Download is a website created for you to find a free designed website theme that are all standards compliant website templates. All the web templates are free to use and will give you an internet presence for with no design costs. These themes are aimed at small companies or individuals who require a simple, stylish, contemporary website design with out the costs.

Free Website Templates Download

Free Website Templates Download

Free website templates are downloadable designed website pages that are in a ZIP file ready for you to update and insert your own web content. These website templates are hand written in XHTML 1.1 and CSS.

website templates
website templates
website templates
website templates

Nearly free website using these beautiful templates

The templates are free for you to download but you will need to purchase a domain and hosting in order to use the templated website designs. We would recommend using a quality website hosting provider like FastVision.

  • 1. Choose a domain name to use your free template to download.
  • 2. Purchase web hosting
  • 3. Setup the domain name namerservers to point at your hosting using the control panel from the domain name company.
  • Note after nameservers are changed you may need to wait 24 hours for the population of DNS
  • Visit your website at for example: http://www.freewebsitetemplatesdownload.com
  • Does it show your hosing company or a hoslding page?
  • 4. Setup FTP details in your hosting providers control panel
  • 5. Download FTP client software
  • 6. Install your FTP Client
  • 7. Create the FTP account login details in the client
  • 8. Unzip the free website template download
  • 9. Navigate to the folder and ensure you can see the index.html file
  • 10. Upload all files from the folder in the previous step to your hosting providers root directory
  • 11. Visit your website and see you FREE web template at for your domain name URL for example: http://www.freewebsitetemplatesdownload.com

Your website should now be live if you have followed the above steps.

Edit the FREE website template page content

Using a html editor view the files and edit the page content. Remember to be careful not to remove any coding and replace the words you see on the website.

You can use many different software applications to edit the templates.

Use an SEO Company to improve your website presence

So you have your domain name, hosting, downloaded a template and uploaded to to your URL web space, edited your space and it contains your content and it looks great.

Now get the website into Google and get visitors to your website from people searching in Google for keywords relating to your website. This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in or should we say SEO.

SEO is an art and a good SEO company like Chameleon Web Services Limited will have you on Google Page One as quick as Google allows it.

Web Designs that work

Once you have the visitors on your site you need your website to be easy to use to convert your visitors to sales or what ever it is you are trying to achieve.

These template downloads are all fully tested and developed to make them convert very well.

Web Standards: XHTML, CSS and Accessibility

All of these website templates are written entirely in XHTML 1.1 and CSS. This combination of XHTML and CSS ensures that the website is forward compatible, quick loading and easily customisable. Relative font sizes have been used to help aid accessibility and all of the designs can be validated (as XHTML 1.1 and CSS).

The benefits of XHTML and CSS are:

  • Separation of style from content making your site easy to maintain
  • Accessibility. Read more about it here
  • Speed (file sizes are smaller and load faster)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Forward compatibility